Riyadh Air unveiled its new collection of cabin crew uniform – coined as “cabin crew fashion” by CEO Tony Douglas – on June 27 during the Paris Couture Week.

“For a start-up airline to be showcasing our new fashion collection during Haute Couture Week in Paris shows what an impact Riyadh Air is having globally,” said Douglas.


The collection is a collaboration with Saudi Arabian fashion designer Ashi of ASHI STUDIO and the airline said the designs were made to be a “visual manifestation of cutting-edge design that reflects Riyadh Air’s dynamic approach”. This cutting edge design can be seen in the collections strikingly sharp and stylish look without comprising on comfort.

The airline said the entire collection is “defined by curved lines, sculptured silhouettes, and solid base colours.” The uniform features a signature wing detail on the jacket, drawing inspiration from the aircraft’s livery design. In addition, Ashi customised a unique colour for the collection, the ‘electric amethyst.’

Douglas commented, “When you get up close to the garments you can see the level of detail and intricacy that Ashi has included, which is in complete alignment of our values and attention to detail at Riyadh Air.”

Drawing upon iconic and classic 1950s fashion with modern twist, the airline promises to bring glamour to the skies. “We wanted to have the theme of the collection to pay homage to the golden age of aviation, so I took that literally and went back to the 1950s when luxury aviation was at its peak,” said Ashi

The airline took to the runway in style showcasing its stunning new lifestyle collection for its frontline team members in the fashion capital of the world. The exclusive fashion line is made up of dozens of male and female looks, of which 15 were revealed during the most prestigious fashion week of the year.

The reveal evening was attended by distinguished guests from near and far which included senior stakeholders, diplomats and celebrities that all attended to be a part of the historic moment in Paris.

Other features include bespoke brooches with the crew member’s name above a line with the Riyadh Air logo to the left; the design is reminiscent of a key. The brooches replace the traditional crew wings, furthering Riyadh’s modern approach. Balancing style and comfort, the collection includes cashmere outerwear.

Ten womenswear looks were showcased on the Paris runway. The womenswear cuffs are in a refined yet functional design, with them being cut to an elegant, tulip style. The womenswear shoes are uniquely sculpted, customer leather with pointed and angled toe design.

The fashion collection will be worn by Riyadh Air cabin crew, pilots, concierges, and airport agents. It can be changed seasonally, keeping the looks fresh all year round.

Ashi designed a uniform that the airline said is the “embodiment of panache and style that Riyadh Air exudes.” The airline said that he included distinctive Riyadh Air elements within the concepts, such as the iconic canopy twist found in the Riyadh Air brand, and incorporated them in the lines, shadows and the silhouettes of the new fashion line.

“The airline will play an important role in the future of Saudi Arabia by making Riyadh one of the world’s key destinations,” Ashi said.


Ashi – who honed his craft in the US before settling in Paris – was selected for his essence of luxury and focus on innovative design.

Riyadh Air anticipates its maiden flight to take off next year with its new crew fashion and livery on full display.