Riyadh Air has selected world-renowned Saudi Arabian fashion designer Ashi to design and create the airline’s first-ever cabin crew uniform. Though, the airline’s CEO Tony Douglas said it will transcend a mere uniform, and refers to it instead as “cabin crew fashion”.

The designs are set to be a “visual manifestation of cutting-edge design that reflects Riyadh Air’s dynamic approach”, the airline read in a statement. Ashi was selected for his essence of luxury and focus on innovative design.

Douglas said: “It is a hugely proud moment for Riyadh Air to be working with an exceptionally talented designer such as Ashi for our beautiful cabin crew fashion line. Our cabin crew personify the panache and style that Riyadh Air represents, making it imperative to partner with a like-minded innovator who not only understands Saudi Arabian culture and hospitality, but also captures the essence of our brand with a bold, visual impact.

“The cabin crew fashion line is one of the first things our guests will see when they board our aircraft in 2025 and we are confident that Ashi’s unique designs will leave a lasting impression, ensuring the experience lives long in their memory after they have landed.”

Riyadh Air CEO Tony Douglas

Ashi spent his early years mastering his craft in the United States, working for international Couture houses before settling in Paris. His creations have been worn and seen by major celebrities and royalties becoming himself an iconic figure in Saudi Arabia.

The designer commented: “The airline will play an important role in the future of Saudi Arabia by making Riyadh one of the world’s key destinations. I am delighted to be part of a project so significant for our nation.”

Riyadh Air’s cabin crew fashion line is set to be unveiled at the Paris Fashion Week later in June. Its maiden flight is set to take off next year.