World class chef Ørjan Johannesen is opening Beckerwyc House, a family run hotel at Austevoll island outside the city of Bergen, Norway. 

Beckerwyc House, which opened its doors on June 16, is situated on the hillside by Bekkjarvik Harbour in Austevoll.

The hotel has 20 rooms and suites, half of which have their own patio. The outdoor area consists of several terraces where hotel guests can relax in both the lounge and jacuzzi. Beckerwyc House is also a part of Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri Hotel & Suites. 

The building was designed by Ajas Mellbye. The references to the surrounding area are clear, with its rock formations and a facade that looks like a fish hatchery. The interior by Sol Design picks up colours and shapes from the sea and nature. Through a total contractor, LAB Entrepreneurs has been a steady partner in the building process. 

“In Bekkjarvik there has been an accommodation business since the 17th century,” said Beckerwyc House CEO, Rønnaug Nymark. “With our feet firmly planted in history, we are now taking a big and important step into the future. We believe that Beckerwyc House will have an international appeal for both foodies who travel for unique food experiences, and for people who want to find peace and experience the destination Austevoll with its wide range of activities. At the same time, we are very excited about strengthening our overall offer to both local, national and international travellers.”

In addition to being a hotel, Beckerwyc House will also offer the Beckerwyc Food Academy. The academy aims to provide guests with food expertise and knowledge along three axes. 

“The food cathedral on the hotel´s top floor will provide room for a variety of food and drink experiences, which are given considerable attention in Beckerwyc House. The academy aims to increase food skills by offering food courses for private individuals and businesses, digital food courses via streaming, and competence for our own industry,” says Johannessen.