Airport car park hosts drive-in art gallery

The unusual cultural project “Nachtbrötchen” (Night Rolls) was held at Cologne Bonn Airport for the second time over the June 12-13 weekend. Over the two days, around 3000 visitors experienced art, music and theatre in their cars in a drive-in gallery in car park P1. More than 500 works by 70 artists were presented where cars usually park. The gallery included paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography as well as contemporary African art, a theatre performance and music and art performances. The Strandpiraten (Beach Pirates) DJs and other guest DJs provided the background music.

“We are delighted that this year’s art exhibition met with so much interest again. Thank you very much to the airport for its support,” said André Schnaudt, co-organiser of “Nachtbrötchen”. “The idea of the drive-in gallery brings a wide variety of art forms closer to people who might not be typical museum-goers. Thanks to the broad range of art and performances, the exhibition attracted people from all age groups.”

Following on from the successful cooperation last year, the exhibition immediately in front of the airport terminal once again provided the opportunity to fill car park P1 with life and music for a weekend. “The situation for the arts and culture scene is difficult, even after more than a year since the start of the coronavirus crisis. We are therefore very pleased that it was possible to turn our car park into a lively place of encounter and cultural enjoyment for the second time. The success of the exhibition shows how great people’s need for art and culture is,” said Johan Vanneste, President & CEO of Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH.

The name “Nachtbrötchen” (Night Rolls) represents an unusual cultural project. It is the idea of making art available to the public in an unconventional way – in this case from their own car.