Brazilian scientists Micael Carmo and Fernando Catalano have been selected as finalists by the European Patent Office (EPO) in the ‘non-EPO countries’ category of the European inventor award 2024 in recognition of their contribution to sustainable aviation.

The award ceremony will be held on July 9 in Malta.

The two inventors respectively represent the Embraer and the research centre teams coordinated by University of Sao Paulo (USP) that participated in studies to implement engineering methods and solutions to design quieter aircraft.

Funded through a collaborative effort between Embraer, the financing for studies and projects (FINEP), and the research assistance foundation of the state of Sao Paulo (FAPESP), the “Brazilian silent aircraft” programme spearheaded by the company, in partnership with research centres from Brazil, England, Germany and the Netherlands, involved more than 200 researchers, granted several patents, and generated important contributions for the development of more efficient jets.

The nomination highlights the Brazilian Silent Aircraft Program’s contribution to Embraer’s E2 commercial jets, which are optimally suited for noise-restricted medium-haul flights, offering cost advantages in densely populated airport areas, benefiting airlines, and positively impacting local communities.