Birò, an “innovative solution for urban mobility” that launched in 2023, has reported a 20% growth in revenues compared to 2022.

The smallest four-wheel electric vehicle available, Birò “guarantees sustainability, efficiency, and functionality” according to parent company Estrima.

Estrima, a company with over 15 years’ experience in the industry and a stable market position, has decided to expand their foothold by accessing new markets (Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, and Belgium), and is looking for partners to achieve this.

During 2023, together with Brieda E C S.r.l. and Sharbie S.r.l., Gruppo Estrima reached revenues of EUR 43.3 million, made possible by Birò’s high-growth sales, which increased by 25% in 2023. Estrima attributed this success to “succesfully executing corporate strategy in main markets (Italy, the Netherlands, and France).”

In Italy, a market directly operated by Estrima without the support of any partners, the company registered a 54% sales upsurge of Birò, which Estrima described as “a testament to the soundness of the business model, corporate strategy, and the increasing popularity of the brand.”

A press release from Estrima describes Birò as having “unique features and compact dimensions”;

“Birò represents an ideal alternative to traditional cars. Easy to drive in urban traffic, and straightforward to park practically anywhere, with its four disk brakes and robust shaped steel body, it offers a high standard of safety. Its ReMove removable battery completely reduces charging times, guaranteeing continuous use of the vehicle.

“The demand for electric micro-mobility options is an ever-growing trend that aims to replace bulkier means of transport with more agile and environmentally friendly solutions. This is why Estrima is preparing to expand its presence throughout Europe, supported by local partners who have a good knowledge of their respective regions and are well equipped to apply Estrima’s strategy in their countries.”