HALO Space has unveiled the interior design for its new space capsule, ‘The Aurora’. The design was created by design house Frank Stephenson Design with the unveiling taking place in London. The design is said to incorporate “cutting-edge resources, design principles, and technology” to facilitate an otherworldly space tourism experience that will take travellers 115,000 feet above the Earth’s surface during its four to six hour flight time.

With its expansive 2.82 square metre windows that stretch 360-degrees around the capsule, allowing passengers to soak in the breathtaking views of Earth from a vista like no other; the edge of space.

Frank Stephenson Design worked closely with HALO Space to design ‘The Aurora’ that maximises passenger comfort, luxury, quality, and safety.

“We wanted every minute of the journey to be unforgettable for our passengers,” said HALO Space CEO Carlos Mira. “Frank and his team have created a capsule that not only embodies luxury and elegance but also prioritizes safety and functionality. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing the ultimate spaceflight experience.”

“Working on a project of this magnitude brings about many challenges from a design perspective,” said the design house’s founder and creative director Frank Stephenson. “Crafting a beautiful interior for passengers while considering factors like strict safety regulations and weight distribution presented challenging hurdles whilst being totally committed to offering both a luxurious, aesthetic appeal with functionality. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved.”

The team drew inspiration from Space Age architecture and design with its curved edges and reflective materials. It also utilises aluminium allow and composites to ensure a total takeoff weight of 3,500kg. It provides space for up to eight passengers and one pilot.

HALO Space aims to make space tourism accessible to a wider audience, with plans to service 10,000 passengers by 2030.