VistaJet welcomed media to a launch event for its new wellness programme to complement its passengers’ private jet membership. The programme offers its members a bespoke solution suited to each member’s particular “perspective and need.”

“Can we challenge that notion of a flight being a very demanding thing and actually make it into something that makes you better than when you were stepping onto the flight?” asked VistaJet chief marketing officer Matteo Atti.

Photography by Sam Churchill @samuelmchurchill

VistaJet cabin crew routinely observe its members during typical operations, with the notes added to a client profile to supplement and improve the experience for subsequent journeys. For instance, if a client particularly enjoyed a book from the onboard library, the cabin said that they would ensure the sequel was sitting on the shelf, ready for their next journey. These observations helped craft the company’s wellness program.

VistaJet had noticed that some of its members would forgo the inflight meal if the ingredients didn’t meet the luxury expectations it set out to provide. VistaJet nutritionist Jenna Daou said the wellness nutritional options were provided to meet that demand and as an opportunity to elevate the inflight refreshment experience, noting that meticulous care had been spent on sourcing fresh ingredients.

Photography by Sam Churchill @samuelmchurchill

The event featured a small sample of delicacies and refreshments that members could indulge in, such as fresh and organic juices, blue spirulina chia pudding with cacao nibs and blueberries, protein pots featuring soft-boiled eggs running over wild smoked salmon, yoghurt parfait, tuna steak salad, and filet mignon. Even simple dishes such as avocado on toast were elevated by the freshness of the fruit and sourcing sourdough bread from local bakeries.

“Ingredients are everything,” said Daou. She added: “I’m going deep into where we’re sourcing our ingredients from and ensuring that our clients are really getting the best of the best.”

Private Medical CEO and founder Dr Jordan Shlain said at the event that “sleep and hydration in preparation for the flight are probably the two most important things” for avoiding dry skin. The wellness program offers oils from de Mamiel’s sleep series to massage into the skin and help you relax, as well as some of the finest skincare products from Guerlain for its inflight skincare ritual. The luxury travel set featured the Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Micro-Lift Concentrate, which the cabin crew at the event described as “botox in a bottle.”

Photography by Sam Churchill @samuelmchurchill

The importance of sleep, comfort, and relaxation carried on to the event’s special guest star from VistaJet’s fleet with its Global 7500 aircraft. Passengers can dine in peace with its six-seat configuration as the jet cruises in near-silence. It features the Soleil circadian rhythm-based cabin lighting system, which features its Dynamic Daylight Simulation technology to counter jet lag. “It’s not just your brain that has a circadian rhythm,” said Dr Shlain. “Every cell in your body has a little clock in it.” The lighting system essentially assists in recalibrating your circadian rhythms. Complement that with the aircraft’s memory foam mattress bed and filtered air systems that maintain an air cabin pressure altitude of 4,000 feet – even at 45,000 feet – ensures that passengers deplane well-rested and ready to continue on their journey.

Passengers can also have peace of mind with VistaJet offering 100% carbon emission offsetting on every flight. On top of this, Matteo added that it has ordered 4.2 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as it moves to reduce carbon emissions. He added: “We’re doing everything that is possible at the moment with the available science and the available tools.”

Photography by Sam Churchill @samuelmchurchill

VistaJet members pay for flight hours with a guaranteed availability on its private fleet featuring Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Embraer, and Gulfstream aircraft models. “You can fly any day of the year, anywhere in the world,” said Matteo. He said that the varied fleet offers a range of fixed-rate pricing allowing for greater flexibility. He added: “The hours go from $12,000-25,000 an hour depending on the model and typical departure route.”

Matteo added: “We have seven maintenance hubs now so we do most of it in-house.” He said that this helps negate the supply chain strain pressures the aviation industry has experienced in the wake of the post-pandemic era. Prior to these hubs, Matteo said that the issues had resulted in the dispatch of its fleet being “20% below, so we had less to sell.” He added: “It’s getting better but that is why we now have our own maintenance hubs so we can buy parts ahead. We know which aircraft types we have, so we can start stocking on the most common items.”

The impact of Covid has had some positive impact on the corporate jet world, though, with higher net worth individuals who might have thought that private jets were “not the right solution for them”. However, with the option for commercial air travel being wiped out as the world grappled with the pandemic, “they did not have a choice” and had taken the chance on private travel. “They start saying ‘you know what, it’s a completely different way of flying and now I see why people fly private’ and then very few people will go back,” said Matteo.

Photography by Sam Churchill @samuelmchurchill

On top of that, the pandemic had spurred on a greater number of high-net-worth individuals, which signified a lucrative opportunity for VistaJet. “If you have 3% more high net worth individuals, then you have 3% growth because it’s a price point. Ultimately, it’s not bad to fly private. It’s can you afford it?”

It is undeniable the luxury private air travel offers, and with its bespoke service and new wellness, VistaJet promises to elevate the experience even further.