Private aviation entrepreneur Charles Robinson has launched Enterjet; a unique platform that allows users wishing to fly private to connect directly with vetted aircraft operators. The platform allows flyers to search for scheduled flights, pricing and routes amongst private aviation fleets.

The company said that over the past six months, over three hundred founding members have joined the platform, which is now open to additional members to join.

“EnterJet is a solution to an industry that can be mired in complexity,” said Robinson. “My goal is to create a firm that changes the way in which this extremely niche, and complex, industry operates, creating a benchmark for transparency and efficiency for all parties, to cut out the noise that is so frequently an obstacle to seamless private aviation charter.”

Enterjet takes no membership fee or hidden fees; instead, it takes a fixed transactional fee of from each booking. Currently, it takes 3.95% for on-demand charters, 2.95% for partners accounts, and 5.5% for empty legs. Partner accounts can join for £75 ($94.50) per month with the option for a premium membership that allows custom branding.

EnterJet has curated a fleet of over 350 aircraft in the European region.