Textron Aviation has unveiled its new Flight Adventure park; an expansion project for the Exploration Place science museum’s outdoor “destination playscape” in Wichita, Kansas. The $3 million sponsorship from Textron will see the new exhibition project open in the autumn of 2025.

Textron said that the park will exhibit to museum-goers the “freedom of flight” and hopes to inspire “awe and wonder.” Textron said that the park is “a place where curiosity dances in their eyes, imagination soars through their minds, and the magic of discovery fills their hearts.”


Visitors will not just witness “the joy of aviation” but also “gain invaluable insight into the diverse careers that bring airplanes to life.” Textron hopes for the park to “ignite a spark” in visitors to inspire them to look to the skies for a career in aviation.

“Unlocking the power of inspiration, the Textron Aviation Flight Adventure hits the sweet spot, captivating minds of all generations,” said Textron Aviation director of experimental operations and the Flight Adventure project manager Jason Neal. “When we can ignite a spark for aviation early, we fuel new dreams of building airplanes, designing wonders and becoming the engineers, pilots and expert technicians of tomorrow.”

Neal added: “The exhibit is a testament to the pride and progress of the aviation industry. It’s a journey that spans generations, showcasing the bookends of innovation in one remarkable location.”

The park drew inspiration from exhibits such as the Gathering Place park in Tulsa, Oklahoma along with art installations found in Omaha, Nebraska and Chicago, Illinois.