Artificial intelligence experienced something of a renaissance in the past year and it seems 2024 will be no different. Companies across the board are committing to greater AI use as its functionalities and intelligence improves at tremendous speeds. Several reports for the aviation sector outlook of 2024 and speakers at the Airline Economics‘ 2024 Dublin Growth Frontiers conference noted that this year may hold great potential for the technology. While it’s limits and capabilities have yet to be fully explored, its power is undeniable.

These images display concepts for an ITA Airways Airbus fleet are a testament to the possibilities of AI. The beautiful images were created by AI art and content creator Game of AI (@game_of_ai). The image concepts were created independently by Game of AI and have no affiliation with ITA Airways. With AI developing at a rapid rate providing answers to automation, solutions, and even displaying artistic prowess; these images are perhaps only but a taster of what the technology has to offer in 2024.