Sydney Airport’s new T1 International arrivals opened 3000 square meters of new green space as a part of Sydney Airport’s 2039 Masterplan aimed at delivering an exceptional experience for passengers.

Construction of the new forecourt began in November 2021, with sustainable building materials used and native trees, plants, ground covers and grasses selected, with many species’ endemic to the local area.

The forecourt gardens were planted, and cared for, by Wildflower Gardens for Good, an Indigenous-led not-for-profit organisation.

The arrivals Forecourt features 12,200+ native plants of 45 different species, 10,000 sqm of new paving, 8,500 sqm of new roof sheeting, 160+ new LED lights along with 31 new seating benches, 8 tables and 32 chairs for passengers to enjoy the scenic beauty of the forecourt.