Aviation Capital Group (ACG) has announced a $50,000 sponsorship of Airlink, a “rapid-response nonprofit” that coordinates with carriers and humanitarian relief organisations to provide free airlift and logistical help after disasters.

“ACG’s core values are grounded in social responsibility, and we are extremely proud to support Airlink as a Gold Level sponsor,” said Mahoko Hara, executive chair of ACG.

“We’re very proud to continue our long-standing partnership with Airlink in support of its work and for this opportunity to partner with them in supporting vulnerable communities globally,” said Gordon Grant, ACG’s vice president and head of ESG [environment, social, governance].

“We are deeply grateful to Aviation Capital Group and their team for their generous support of Airlink and our critical mission,” said Steve Smith, Airlink’s president and chief executive.

“Whenever Airlink seeks assistance from the aviation industry to support humanitarian operations, the response is always positive, I feel very proud to be a part of such a dynamic and compassionate sector,” added Smith, whose organisation has been working with carriers and relief groups operating in regions of Turkey and Syria hit by a deadly set of earthquakes in February 2023.