Alaska Airlines said it would be pairing up with the Surfrider Foundation to promote reducing plastic waste and beach cleanups down the US west coast and in Hawaii .

As “west coast-based organisations with broad national reach”, the partners  will collaborate to help protect our coastlines, expand education and awareness of the challenges that threaten our ocean, beaches and marine environments, and grow participation in beach cleanup and habitat restoration activities along the coasts,” Alaska said in a statement.

“We appreciate the role that our ocean and coasts play in our communities – beautiful places to enjoy, but also a critical part of natural ecosystems and local culture and livelihoods,” said Scott Coughlan, director of sustainability at Alaska Airlines.

“The Surfrider Foundation is proud to partner with Alaska Airlines, which has been a leader in reducing single-use plastics in air travel,” said chief executive Chad Nelsen.

“Starting in 2018 with the elimination of straws, they are now encouraging their passengers to use reusables and #fillbeforeyoufly, while also eliminating plastics cups,” said Nelsen, whose foundation was set up in 1984.