Air Astana has relaunched its onboard safety video for passengers flying across its network- ‘Air Astana safety Video‘.  The video depicts important safety information with landscape scenery and images of Kazakhstan’s rich cultural heritage. The video aims at adopting a new production style for the airline along with garnering passengers’ attention to onboard flight safety rules and procedures.

The airline has launched the video on the eve of Nauryz, traditional spring holiday of Kazakhstan. The video will be shown on services across its network to generate awareness about Kazakhstan’s identity, natural beauty, and culture as a nation

According to Air Astana, over one hundred people were involved in the production of the video.

The video, which lasts around 4 minutes and 30 seconds, opens with an Air Astana flight attendant wandering around the center of a traditional Kazakh mountain settlement, surrounded by yurt-style accommodations and local villagers, using the seat belt as a tug-of-war rope – a traditional Kazakh pastime.

Announcing the launch of the new safety video, Yelena Obukhova, Vice President of In-flight Services at Air Astana, said: “The magnificent nature, culture, and traditions of Kazakhstan have inspired the concept of the new Air Astana safety video. During the video, passengers will not only learn about safety rules, but also enjoy viewing the landmarks of our country and hopefully be inspired to explore the unique character of Kazakhstan in person”.