Pratt & Whitney and Frontier Airlines have named one of the carrier’s Airbus A312neos after one of the US military’s famed Tuskagee Airmen of World War II,

“Edward the Bald Eagle” honours the late Edward Hall, a metallurgist and one of the first African-American military airmen. Hall served as a navigator and bombardier in the war before a 33-year career at Pratt & Whitney.

The aircraft, which is powered by a Pratt & Whitney engine, features Frontier’s hallmark bald eagle on the tail.

“We are extremely proud that our newest A321neo features a bald eagle on its tail named for the late Edward Hall, who valiantly served our country as a Tuskegee Airman, achieved remarkable professional success following his military career, and helped break barriers for African Americans through his advocacy and leadership,” said Barry Biffle, president and chief executive of Frontier Airlines.

“The Tuskegee Airmen were among the most talented and decorated US World War II pilots, yet they returned from distinguished military service only to face a battle for desegregation and equality at home,” said Earl Exum, vice president of mature commercial engines at Pratt & Whitney.