Utah-based Breeze Airways will be the launch customer of StaqPay, a new online payment system operating out of Salt Lake City.

Breeze, which calls itself “the newest, nicest domestic low-fare airline”, said the tie-up will give customers the “opportunity to earn 50% more BreezePoints off their base fare simply by selecting StaqPay at checkout”.

Breeze in turn will make savings “compared to typical payment processors” when the service launches in the second quarter of 2023.

“This is just a nice solution all the way around because it gives us the ability to reward our guests while saving Breeze money on merchant fees,” said the airline’s chief commercial officer Lukas Johnson.

“Just as Breeze has disrupted its industry by creating an entirely new category of air travel, StaqPay is similarly disrupting the online payments world by offering a new and innovative solution built to benefit both businesses and their customers,” said StaqPay president Dee Evans.