More people want to be a pilot than any other profession or trade, according to Google search data analysis by Remitly, a financial services company.

The findings are likely to be welcome news to the airline industry, which has struggled with a shortage of pilots in recent years, prompting some US carriers to splash out on in-house training.

Pilot was the listed as the dream job for people in 25 countries, including Australia, Canada, the UK and the US. “We can see a huge range of different professions featuring prominently, including many that can be done solely online, from anywhere in the world. It’s clear that our desire for travel and exploration has not been dimmed by the past couple of years and, despite it being a tough time for the aviation industry, becoming a pilot remains a much sought after lifestyle,” said Jago McKenzie, business management director at Remitly

Less demanding roles were also popular, with “youtuber” fourth overall and the even more nebulous “influencer” eighth. Other findings were similarly aspirational-sounding, with “writer” listed as the second most popular dream job for Australians and New Zealanders.

Actor, dancer and singer also featured in the top 10 most-wanted jobs, Remitly said, though more down-to-earth searchers were keen on finding out about working as teachers, computer programmers and entrepreneurs.