Following four months of careful curation, aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service (ACS), has launched the latest in its ‘Time Well Spent’ series of specially designed private jet travel itineraries – ‘Across The Top Of The World’. Satisfying widespread sentiments surrounding lost time due to the pandemic, the packages have been crafted by best-selling author and time design expert, James Wallman, along with a team of private aviation experts, to create the most rewarding travel experience in as little time as possible.

James Wallman

The new ‘Across The Top Of The World’ itinerary (following the ‘Journey To The End Of The World’ itinerary launched last month) offers an exceptional luxury travel experience through Lofoten, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard and Octola in Finland. The itinerary has been meticulously designed using James Wallman’s theories and is made seamless through private aviation. Private jet travel saves 80% of total travel time for the trip, with 11 hours travel by private jet versus 55 hours via commercial airlines. This allows for a two-week trip that makes better use of time but creates no less of an experience – saving at least ten days’ worth of travel via alternative modes of transport.

James Wallman comments: “The itinerary series is based on the STORIES framework from my book, ‘Time And How To Spend It’ – so that travellers who select these itineraries will not only take a break from their norm, but will embark on a life-affirming journey that provides them with show-stopping memories and stories. The ‘STORIES’ checklist stands for Story, Transformation, Outside & Offline, Relationships, Intensity, Extraordinary, and Status & Significance – a trip based on this checklist ensures you are adding to your personal development and avoiding ‘empty’ experiences.

“‘Once in a lifetime’ is a terrible cliché. As is ‘off the beaten track’. But when else will you, and how else could you, take in so much in so little time? Take this trip and you’ll come home with the sort of stories that’ll not only make your friends’ eyes open wide. You’ll gather the sort of unforgettable memories that’ll tell you you’re making up for the time you lost to the pandemic.”

The Itinerary – ‘Across The Top Of The World’

Best to experience in August, this circular, bucket-list journey across the far north of the planet, to some of Earth’s most remote and least visited places, is only made possible by private aviation. Specially designed using James Wallman’s STORIES checklist, the full itinerary includes an Intensity element of STORIES by rappelling down cliffs in the Faroe Islands – one of the many activities in the itinerary that are Outside & Offline.

Using the STORIES checklist, Wallman explains: “To give you a few examples, the trip features standout Extraordinary elements, as travellers will see and hear ice calving from the glaciers in Greenland – an amazing and humbling experience. The sheer size of ice across the country will bring a sense of awe – one of the key ways to peak experiences, which create memories. A Story element of the trip involves following in the footsteps of explorers by RIB boat in Svalbard and staying at the world’s northernmost commercial cabin, Nordenskiöld Lodge. The Story continues by hiking across the glacier, crossing crevasses and an expedition lunch with views of Adolfbukta and Billefjorden that is nothing short of spectacular.”

Gavin Copus, Global Business Development Director at Air Charter Service, comments: “The circular shape of travel that this trip follows is made possible to fly from point to point by private jet. Direct routes between Greenland and Svalbard or Svalbard and Finland, for example, are not operated commercially and we can fly direct by private jet, rather than travelling through hubs such as Oslo or Copenhagen, in this case. Through private aviation and supported by James Wallman’s STORIES time design, we can avoid this long connectivity and visit extraordinary destinations in a shorter space of time – but in a more comfortable, direct manner.”