German startup Volocopter has released the VoloCity, the fourth-generation eVTOL vehicle that Volocopter has created as the race for an on-demand air taxi service based around electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft takes off.

The first three VoloCity were created for testing and demonstration purposes, and have flown more than 1,000 times in service of that goal.

Containing a 18-rotor VTOL with a range of around 35 km (just under 22 miles) and a top speed of about 70 mph, the VoloCity is designed for transporting up to two people, including light luggage like backpacks, briefcases or purses.

Volocopter has adhered to the safety standards set by the European Aviation Safety Agency, including a new stabiliser that hasn’t been a part of the test aircraft (to provide more stability during flight).

Volocopter says that it’s targeting a first public test flight for Q4 of this year in Singapore.