Harbour Air will transform its short-hop seaplane fleet into an all-electric commercial fleet with the magni 500 engine, a 750 horsepower all-electric motor.

The magni500 electric motors will produce around 2,075 foot-pounds of torque. This would give the aircraft an estimated flight time of 30 minutes with 30 additional minutes of reserve.

Harbour Air operates 12 routes between hubs like Seattle and Vancouver and across the pristine natural wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

“Harbour Air first demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by becoming the first fully carbon-neutral airline in North America in 2007, through the purchase of carbon offsets,” said Greg McDougall, founder and CEO of Harbour Air Seaplanes. “Through our commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives, the communities where we operate and the environment, we are once again pushing the boundaries of aviation by becoming the first commercial aircraft to be powered by electric propulsion. We are excited to bring commercial electric aviation to the Pacific Northwest, turning our seaplanes into ePlanes.”

According to Harbour Air, the aviation industry currently contributes 12% of all US carbon emissions and 4.9% globally. The company hopes that by modifying existing Harbour Air planes with all-electric magniX propulsion systems, the partnership will create the world’s first completely electric commercial seaplane fleet.

A Harbour Air ePlane will have zero reliance on fossil fuels and produce zero emissions, the company said.